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Alignments and More offers part replacement and brake services for all vehicles, including 4WD. Whether your vehicle has disc brakes or drum brakes, our technicians have the training and tools needed to repair and replace your brakes effectively. Our team works on both foreign and domestic vehicles, taking care of calipers, rotors, brake fluid, and brake assemblies.

Effective Brake Services

Maintaining and replacing your vehicle's brakes and brake system can save

your life.

  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS) service and repair

  • Brake fluid flush

  • Brake line service

  • Brake pad inspected and replaced

  • Brake rotor replacement

  • Master cylinder service

Our brake services

When your vehicle no longer drives the way it used to, know that something may be wrong. Look for warning signs and contact us before it is too late. A few signs to note include pulsing brakes, grinding or sliding while applying brakes, or service light being constantly on.

Extending the life of your vehicle's brakes

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