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The wheel bearings are a set of steel balls that are held together by a metal race. They help your vehicle’s wheels spin with very little friction. Once the seal is broken, there is a lack of lubrication and water penetrates the bearing. Alignments and More will diagnose which wheel has a failed seal, causing your wheel bearings to make a noise.

Professional Wheel Bearing Services  

Are the wheels of your vehicle making noise? Bring your vehicle today for a diagnosis and a FREE estimate.

  • Repacked wheel bearings

  • Small-medium trailers

  • Trailer wheel bearing service

  • Wheel bearing hubs

Wheel bearing services include:

Wheel bearing replacement is a difficult job. It involves removing a lot of parts before getting to the bearings. Our team has the experience needed to provide your vehicle with wheel bearing replacement, especially on 4WD and front-wheel-drive vehicles.

Over 30 years of wheel bearing replacement experience

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